Alfonso D'Alessio, CBcotti CEO, start the production lines of the Nocera Inferiore plant. From 40 quintals per hour, in a few years the production of diced tomato gradually increases up to about 300 quintals per hour of finished product.
CBcotti is the first company in Italy to adopt special technologies and devices to guarantee food safety and eliminate any contamination. Metal detectors, filters and magnets are inserted in the production cycle.
This is the year that marks the start of an internationalization of the company with an expansion towards the foreign market. From the European market to the Asian one, with the first orders from Japan, up to the US market starting from 2001.
This year CBcotti installs the first X-ray machine capable of eliminating foreign bodies, even non-metallic ones (glass, rigid plastic, ferrous materials, etc.).
The internationalization process registers a second phase of expansion, this time towards Australia. Relations with the United States and with the Asian market as well as with the European one are strengthened.
The company agronomists supervise and control the path of the raw material from seeds planting to tomatoes harvesting, until they arrive at the company for the processing.
The second production line of aseptic diced tomato goes into operation.
The company renews its look with a redesign of the offices and of the spaces dedicated to production and warehouse. Everything is more transparent and interconnected, increasingly oriented towards quality and environmental sustainability.
The modernization of CBcotti also involves the technological aspect. The company acquires two new sterilization systems for aseptic heat treatment, two new metal detectors, filters and magnets, as well as the most innovative and modern X-ray technologies.
CBcotti is increasingly green. Attentive to environmental sustainability in all phases of production, packaging and storage, the company installs a photovoltaic system with which it produces renewable energy completely reintegrated into the production circuit.
At this stage, a new production line is dedicated to tomato puree and diced tomato in glass with X-ray technology.