Financed Projects

Investment axis: Axis 1, action 1.1.3. of the National Operational Program for Enterprises and Competitiveness 2014-2020 ERDF in the Agrifood application sector

As part of research and development aimed at studying the optimal technological and process conditions for the development of a "traditional innovative" product such as whole tomato puree with prebiotic effect, packaged both aseptically and in the traditional way, implemented by the company, they respond to a need already widely manifested in the consumption system of vegetable preserves, linked to an improvement in the nutritional and nutraceutical power of the offer and to the creation of functional foods, today increasingly sought after by consumers. The competitive advantages deriving from this project translate for CBCotti into the possibility, on the one hand, of aiming at a better market penetration, thanks to the improvement of the products offered to customers already served, but also always seeking in the same market to snatch shares from the competition, precisely as a result of product improvement; on the other hand, its development thanks to the possibility of intercepting the needs of consumers sensitive to the environmental proposition and the offer of healthy products, the result of research and development.