Our production process presents a strong focus on environmental sustainability in all phases, through the saving of resources (water and energy), preferring cultivation systems that respect the environment and the eco-system.
30% of the supplied tomato is cultivated according to the organic method which, according to the current laws, is considered among the most “ecological” cultivation systems.

As suppliers, we choose farmers who practice drip irrigation; a method that allows the plant to have a continuous and constant water supply. In this way there is a considerable water saving, and this also helps the photosynthesis process.

We are committed to reduce water and energy consumption by optimizing the production capacity and, therefore, the efficiency of the plants. It follows:
less quantity of water to be supplied and purified.
increase in the specific electrical efficiency of the plants (reduction of the empty load).
The reduction in water and energy consumption was also possible thanks to the installation of specific equipment such as:

inverters for electric motors that contribute to the reduction of kilowatt hours (kWh);
recirculation/reuse of process water thanks to a cooling tower (about 1,100 m3 water/h which are cooled from 40 to 30 degrees).
Furthermore, part of the electricity used is generated by our company photovoltaic system and is fed into the production cycle at zero impact.